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Cum, jizz, man jam, sperm, ejaculation juice!
Lil' Sis got man jelly shot all over her face the other night!
by Deputy Ryans October 24, 2003
Men In Masks are a bunch of gay men in ski masks who have sexs with boys.

Whoa, dude! Did you see those men in masks sucking cock? That's pretty TIGHT!
by Deputy Ryans February 13, 2004
Another term said instead of "sperm, cum, jizz"...etc...etc...
Oh yeah boy, I'm gonna shoot my man jelly down your throat!
by Deputy Ryans June 26, 2003
Abbreviation for "Suck on this cawk, boi"
Deputy Ryans: SOTCB! (Suck on this cawk, BOI!)

Todder: ;__;
by Deputy Ryans July 16, 2004
Moew is a misspelling of more
Silvio: moew
SmarterChild: More what?
Silvio: moew
SmarterChild: I'm sorry, more what?
Silvio: moew
SmarterChild: More, more, more. Haven't you had enough?
by Deputy Ryans February 20, 2004
Abbreviation for "Suck on this cawk, boi"

The word came from a video clip me n' my part-na, Deputy Daly, filmed. Deez two bois were campin out in MY woodz. So me n' Daly confronted dem bois and I forced BOTH of dem bois to SOTCB... AND THEY DID. They BOTH sucked right on this cawk. Deputy Daly filmed the action. I also fucked dem bois RIGHT UP the ass. It was good. Thanks bois.
Deputy Ryans: Ooooh lookie-who-it-is... It's dem DAMN BOIS. Daly get the camera, lets make deez bois SOTCB.
Deputy Daly: Ok sir.
Deputy Ryans: Hey TODDLAH, hey JERRED... Yea bois... STFUB (Shut the fuck up bois)... SOTCB (suck on this cawk bois)

*Note - Toddlah's AIM screen name is "Pjxberri" and Jerred's screen name is "TheFeederz"
by Deputy Ryans July 25, 2004
Abbreviation for "Suck on this cock boi".
Deputy Ryans: s'GO boi!
Deputy Ryans: Well boi?! What are yah waitin for?! SOTCB!
Deputy Ryans: Yeah boi..

Note: Contact "Silvio XI" or "MrCatSir" on AIM for some Deputy Ryans fun.
by Deputy Ryans July 25, 2004
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