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Girls who are amateurs at posing slutty and seductive. They do the cliche poses, and think they are sexy by showing their mostly flabby pale white stomach, and their make-up drenched faces. They have websites up with a slutty layout, and have a whole archive of pictures of themselves doing different, or maybe even tons of the same, slutty poses, making idiots of their unattractive selves. Sometimes they even charge you for a membership! It's quite humorous.
"Send me $15.00 via paypal, and I'll show you a nother picture of my worthless dirty white tits!!"
by Demilia July 11, 2004
a term for the art of beastiality..

usually female sucking animal cock. i.e. horse cock

Very taboo, but it gets the guys turned on. Maybe some females too.
MM.. I'm going to look at some horselove. (aka beastiality porn)

by Demilia July 07, 2004

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