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a friendly reference to a friend, or a slang term used to describe someone you don't paticularly care for.
"hey whats up fuckface?" or
"yeah whatever you say, fuckface."
by deluks May 15, 2003
when a girl puts that delightful arch in her back, and sticks her ass out in a erotic/sexually suggestive manor, often accompanied by a "booty dance", that brings shear delight to the males species.
"did you see her back that ass up, playboy? it almost brought a tear to me eye, and a 2x4 to my pants!"

"did you see lucy liu bending over in the drive-thru scene in charlies angels?? ddaaaaaaaaamn, it was delightful! that the essence of female perfection!"
#back that ass up #drop it like its hot #booty dance #booty drop #ass drop #the drop it like its hot
by deluks November 29, 2005
used to describe beautiful girls; the fine bitches; the lip gloss dripping, strawberry smelling hot ho's.
where's all the fucking britneys, justin?
by deluks July 10, 2003
something you can absolutely adore. like a nice 8th of rich greenery.
that fucking weed is dopealicious
by deluks May 15, 2003
a moment of non-discretion. acting out in an irrational manner, acting suddenly "crazy" then becoming suddenly normal again.
"sorry dog i didn't mean to kick you in the face i was chapellin"
sorry for wiping my muddy feet on your couch dog, i was chapellin for a minute"
"tiffany kiessler seemed normal at first, but then she started chapellin now it clear she's a crazy beyyyyaaatch"
#dave #dave chapelle #chapelle #rick james bitch #bitch #hiphop
by deluks March 10, 2006
danked doesn't mean drunk you moron, it means your hella stoned, and your pretty much at your point, from some dank weed.
fuck you saul duarte, i'm fucking danked!!!
by Deluks July 08, 2003
The two potato-like, nuts that hang in a sack from beneath the penis.
Mr. Johnson, how long has it been since you launched a love rocket? mhm, i see..and how are your dick taters?
#dick #taters #hiphop #kevin. g #whore-galore #fine #jump #tots #cracker #nigger #dog #cat.
by deluks August 12, 2008
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