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4 definitions by DeltaShift

A wanna be ginger playa that has no game, and all he does is get shit on. Wears clothes too tight for him, also known as Wet Suit Syndrome. Most girls are jealous at the size of his mammary glands.
Did you see that seal on the beach? That's a total seefeldt
by DeltaShift September 05, 2010
2 0
An asian Charlie Sheen with his busted ass haircut. Wants everyone to rick his rorripop. Really good at the forehand scrotum smash. Specializes in manicures and bikini waxes. Has an obsession with men from alabama.
sean ri: Rook at seefeldt's nippers!
by DeltaShift September 05, 2010
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A woman who used to be a man (post-op). Also known as a mahoo. Individual Cha Chas tend to be attracted to 50 year old perverts and big-eared men who aren't sticking around. Also, they love celebrity gossip and rotund redheads.
Cha Cha totally went down on a male stripper. Then he spewed in her hand.
by DeltaShift January 22, 2011
7 7
A bald homo-phobe that masks this disease by accusing others of having it. Makes every situation seem gay. Also, did I mention that he is bald? Gets a cul de sac five o'clock shadow. Sometimes is refered to as pigs in a blanket.
Dude, eveything is gay with you, your such a hamboner.
by DeltaShift September 09, 2010
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