15 definitions by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels

To be chill and lazy at the same time.
BQ better get over his chillazy...the car needs to be washed!
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels July 02, 2007
To be both gawky and weird simultaneously.
DeDe: “Oh my gosh, when Denise’s teen brother tripped as he walked over and to try and ask me out, it had to be the most gawkweird situation ever…!”
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels August 18, 2007
The act of having intercourse on an unfinished wooden surface.
Last night Richard and I had awesome splintercourse on the edge of his wooden hot tub...ouch. Do you have any tweezers?
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels October 13, 2008
The name which should have been used for the autobiographical book, They Call Me Baba Booey, written by Howard Stern Show producer Gary Dell'Abate, (AKA Baba Booey), published in 2010.
Gary! Gary! Sign my Baba Bookey! We love you on the show!
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels November 12, 2010
The nonsensical reasoning of someone who appears to be in La La Land.
Did you hear what Susie said during the meeting? She thinks taking away the coffee in the break room will increase productivity. That is some La La Logic…
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels October 16, 2010
Accusatory statements without merit. Wacky accusations. Accusations that are wack.
“Did you hear the latest wackusations made against Obama? They are saying that he is not a U.S. citizen and that he is Muslim!”
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels October 16, 2010
Extreme or irrational fear of men/males.
Betsy couldn't go into the weight room at the gym because of her extreme testostrophobia.
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels December 21, 2011

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