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"Sim Sim Sala Bim" are the magic words said by Hadji on the shows The Adventures of Jonny Quest and The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. He used these words, akin to "Abra Cadabra" and the like, to perform such feats as hypnotizing bad guys, removing the bullets from an enemy's gun, levitating objects, and opening locked doors. However bergies from Cape Town use it as a derogatory phrase
Hoe lyk dit my ou? Hosh Sim Sala Bim Jou Ma Se Poes Hond
by Deezos March 09, 2009
Kont Emmer originates from South Africa and is Afrikaans colloquialism used specifically in the Northern Gauteng area of Pretoria. The direct translation of the saying Kont Emmer is Cunt Bucket.
Hey hosh hoe lyk dit jou Kont Emmer.

Hey jou Kont Emmer hoe gaan dit.
by Deezos December 28, 2010

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