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The capital of NY. So named because of its diminutive size, especially compared to New York City.
Mark: Hey, you want to head to x-gates?

Tom: Smalbany, that's gheto!
by DEC February 14, 2005
One who steals a person's anal virginity.
He missed and stuck in my ass, what a fagrob..
by Dec June 22, 2004
Subservient gay male who seeks out men to urinate in his mouth.
Yes, I have a toilet, and a toilet boi.
by Dec April 05, 2003
Alternate spelling of smalbany
Heather: Don't blink, or you'll miss it.

Patty: What?

Heather: Smallbany... and you missed it.
by DEC February 14, 2005
Any form of glasses or shades.
Those some crazy ass goggles you sportin
by DeC February 10, 2005
a way to get some 1 to come with you
you piss head stop messing around or go fuck a duck
by dec May 18, 2004
New York City, the one and only.
We're going to The City to see a play
by DEC February 14, 2005
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