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lick my damn balls


lick my dead balls
Sasha: hey ronny, wanna hangout tonight?

Ronny: no, you make me mad, LMDB!


Sarah: ur super sexy

Tim: no lmdb
#lmdb #lick #my #damn #balls #bals #mi
by DeathStar427 November 04, 2010
Aring Ging Gey (Pronounced a-ring-ging-gay)

a word discovered to sound very (t)(r)(i)(p)(p)(y) when you are high or rolling.
*2 People smoke some weed*
Joe: "Dude this word sounds so trippy, listen 'Aring Ging Gey'"
Sam: "Holly shit dude you're right, now pass the joint"
#aring ging gey #aring ging gay #aringginggay #aringginggey #aringingey
by DeathStar427 February 19, 2011
pony penis power
Tim: wow! You've got some pony penis power (ppp)!
Sarah: yeah, i got this last march
*teacher walks in* "OMG, why is you're hand on her vagina?"
Sarah: he's feeling my pony penis power...
Teacher: oh... I thought he was fingering you in class
Tim: no! I would never do that in school!
#ppp #p p p #pony #penis #power
by DeathStar427 January 19, 2011
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