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4 definitions by DeathHasCome

one of Asian Heritage that has made a dramatic impact on soceity
Ever since that kid named Wayne Tieperfected his ninja blast he became an asian sensation.
by DeathHasCome November 02, 2004
A poker term that defines being dealt two fives as hole cards.
I wish i hadn't folded since the flop was five five, jack. I would of had a quad!
by DeathHasCome November 01, 2004
Slang term for tobbaco.
Get me some tobacky or i'll kill you.
by DeathHasCome January 17, 2005
A slang term that used when someone think they have you beat in a game. Usually used when the person believes they have superior skills.
It's over Bob, just give up now.
by DeathHasCome November 02, 2005