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1. A woman who has saggy tits that hang down to their belly can be said to have Monkey Titties.
2. A fat man who has big saggy girly tits can also be said to have monkey titties
3. Playfully the term can be used as a slam against a friend for being girly or acting like an old woman
4. An old woman who has baggy sagging tits
What's up Monkey Tits, did your mommy let you watch Golden Girls?
Damn that old bag has some big old monkey titties, They hang down to her knees!
by DeathFromBelow December 30, 2011
1. A girl, young woman, or older female whose breast size is less than desirable.
2. A small breasted woman whose tits can be compared to the size of a pigeon's breasts.
3. A teen girl who is under developed physically.
4. A young boy with excess female hormones who has small tits growing.
Damn that girl has pigeon tits, sad!
Her pigeon tits are so small I saw her in the park with a flock of 'em and they were all laughing at her!
by DeathFromBelow December 30, 2011
1. A socialite who attends fancy parties for the sole purpose of eating cheese.
2. A socialite who attends parties for the purpose of picking up rich men and eating fancy cheeses.
3. A fat pregnant woman who has big milk tits
What's this party coming to? All these damn cheese whores and I can't find a slice of Brie!
Man look at that hot preggers girl, I would f*** her so hard that cheese whore would make me some damn cheese!
Cheese whores always coming in wanting cheese and picking up on rich guys.
by DeathFromBelow December 31, 2011
A dough ho is a woman/girl who marries for money.
A girl who marries a rich man for money.
A woman or girl who marries a military man for benefits.
Man that dough ho took you for all ya dough, you need to cut that bitch off!
Did you see that soldier with that skank dough ho? I saw her selling her stuff last night at the clubs, $20 a dance! Damn dough hoes!
by DeathFromBelow December 31, 2011
1. A ridiculously ignorant teenie bopper girl with tiny tits
2. A man who is ignorant and feminine
3. Any person who is obese, lazy, ignorant or otherwise unproductive.
4. A stupid woman who think she is da shit, when she is just da stank
"You need to shut ya mouth cheese tits before I kick your cracker ass!"
Ignorant cheese tits, can't tell the difference between au jus and roumalade sauce.
Did you see that fat ass cheese tits boy at school?
by DeathFromBelow December 30, 2011

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