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too bad.
Person 1: Damit, I failed this test, my parents will beat me

Person 2: Tough shit
by DeathBunny April 05, 2004
home of the overpaid dumbasses who flunked most of their school classes except pe.
Look its johhny the biggest fool in school who doesnt know anything. But that doesnt stop him from competing with people who make a REAL difference in the world by making millions of dollars a year just for running around and throwing a stupid ball.
by DeathBunny November 01, 2004
A once great site to get your free downloads for music and movie releases(not to mention the extremely hard to find ones, and old favorites)that mysteriously shut down, without a reason. Most people blame it on the RIAA or the MPAA.
Soon, it will be back up, corrupted, just as napster was. You will now have to PAY MONEY(*gasp*) for each individual download that you make! The lure of the darkside is hard to resist...
by DeathBunny January 03, 2005
In Scandinavian Folklore, a tall creature with many variations that can include tusks, scales, horns, etc. Solitary and unfriendly. Trolls cannot be killed unless burned in fire.
The troll ate my sheep!
by DeathBunny January 01, 2005
battle orders. a spell from diablo 2
bo me i tele.
by DeathBunny April 04, 2004
a nubbish nubby who is just a nub
chickenman is the uberest nub
by DeathBunny September 24, 2004
Enjoys the boring side skills in mmorpgs such as crafting and blacksmithing and protests against any competetive nature in the game because they only have time, and not skill.

Often posts complaints on the game forums about getting ganked while collecting resources.

.............. _@@@__
- ---o--------CARE-POLICE----@)
-----` --(@)======+====(@)--

by DeathBunny January 02, 2005

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