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3 definitions by Deadlyharbourseal

To wrap one leg around another person and say "Newdroid!"
Newdroider: "Newdroid!"

Newdroidee: "Get off of me, this is inappropriate"
by Deadlyharbourseal August 17, 2010
Talk you to later Olaf. A synonym to TTYL.
Well Andrea, I've got to get going... I'll TYTLO.
by Deadlyharbourseal August 17, 2010
1. An adjective describing an enormously preposterous statement.

2. A person who makes an enormously preposterous statement.

3. A preposterously enormous hippopotamus.
Billy: "Justin Bieber is super hecka fly."
Jim: "Fuck you! That's preposterpotamus!"

Billy: "Leno is so much funnier than Conan."
Jim: "Fuck you! You're a preposterpotamus."

Jim: "Holy shit that is one preposterously large hippo...a preposterpotamus...."
by Deadlyharbourseal October 28, 2010