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The act of pulling out your cell phone after seeing someone you know but want to avoid conversing with them. The hope is that they see that you are busy on your phone, so they decide they shouldn't approach you. This must be done before the person notices that you in fact, saw them first.
I saw my old neighbor outside while I was checking the mail today. I pulled out my cell phone and started defensive dialing so that I wouldn't have to get stuck talking to him for the next 10 minutes.
by Deadinlivingform May 27, 2011
The phrase used by a girl to warn someone of her impending PMS.
Oh shit, I can feel a storm-a-brewin down south. This isn't going to be pleasant.
by Deadinlivingform May 27, 2011
The damp butt-shaped imprint left on your sheets after a long sweaty session of sex.
Guess we should've turned on the fan before we got started, cause I just left a gnarly butt puddle on the bed.
by Deadinlivingform April 06, 2011
The attempt to have sex one last time before a girl gets her period and you're stuck jerking off all week.

Also may be used to describe men whose fetish is to have sex with a girl while she has her period.
My girl told me that there was a storm-a-brewin down south. So I convinced her to let me try storm chasing before it was too late.
by Deadinlivingform May 27, 2011

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