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A cultured race of good people who keep getting put down by asshole Englishmen. Now, let me tell you right now, not all Welshmen hate the British. That is a stereotype. But a lot of British do hate the Welsh, as you can see by all those unprovoked sheep-"shagging" jokes.(Haha. Shagging. That's so fuckin British. What's the matter, "fuck" is too strong for you "well-bred" English?) I was flying on an airplane once, having a nice conversation with this British woman for most of the flight. Then I tell her I'm Welsh, and what does she do? She says, "oh, that's too bad." And she doesn't speak to me the rest of the flight. Whatever. I guess every race has it's assholes. Oh, and not all Welsh people tend sheep and mine, and like shepards pie. But I'll admit, a lot do.
If you're Welsh, don't back down to those bastards with their fuckin' old as shit sheep jokes. Just make something of yourself, and prove them wrong. I just realized that other Welsh guy is from Philly, too. Represent the Philly Welchers!
by Davy Davis October 20, 2005
A very offensive racial slur for a Welsh person. A Welshman will kick your ass if you say it!
Pompous Englishman: Oh dear, get out of my way you dirty welcher!
Proud Welshman: Fuck you, you bloody stucky up english arsehole! (Kicks englishman's ass.)
by Davy Davis October 03, 2005

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