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The act of vomiting in ones anus, and then proceeding to eat it out.
yo dude, i heard your mom makes a great shepards pie!
by Michael Alexander Berges Stewa December 10, 2011

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When a man defecates in a womans mouth and then ejaculates all over her face.
I just took a huge dump in Susans mouth and then I came all over her face. She sure loves Shepard's Pie!
by Zipper_Mask September 26, 2010
The act of taking a shit on a girls chest then blowing your load on top of the shit.
Man: babe you want shepards pie tonight?

Woman: yeah baby!
by SlickRick1234 July 17, 2013
A tasty dish made with Meat, (usually hamburger) and veggies in a sauce, topped with garlic mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese. I love when my mom makes shepards pie!
(copied from a real im!)
Brynn: i get shepards pie tonight!
Amber: Ooh! Fun!
Amber: that stuff was good. =P
Brynn: you had it here?
Brynn: i though only jamie had it here
Amber: No, I had it like 3 times.
Brynn: here?
Amber: At yo house...
by Band is great! Sports suck! June 16, 2008
A girl who wipes back to front and leaves crusties (feces and toilet paper)on her menstruating vagina. Abbreviation: Shep
I ate some Shepards Pie last night and it was good.
by Lincoln McPhersen October 17, 2004