12 definitions by Davis

Very Sexy Lakota Native, Who Gets Alot Of Amanda... Mmm tasty she says "Kiss Kiss". Friend Of The Seminole, Can Own Any1 at stickball.. :p
Any Lakota Named Davis XD
by Davis October 08, 2004
A slang referring to the hairs the surround the anus.
"My tounge was met with an unpleasant amount of pucker bristle."
by Davis December 30, 2003
a word to substitute "shit" or "crap"
hey u piece of Civic!!
by davis October 06, 2004
An idiot, see also Meat Head.

Food Reference for Hot Dog/Sauage/Kielbassa/etc...

Slang for Penis.
"Quit acting like such a Meat Sock!"
by Davis December 30, 2003
One who is bow-legged, or just looks like they are
"Matt's sensitive, don't stare at his jimmy legs when he's looking...."
by Davis May 07, 2005
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