4 definitions by Davidos

When someone pressure's you to do something
"Your hand pressure me for $20"
by Davidos May 04, 2006
When you do a shit and it comes out and sprays everywhere. Usually very soft in texture, caused by eating junk food
I went to the can and did a mass spray gun
by Davidos May 04, 2006
A situiaton of a group of men getting oral sex from one girl. In effect 3 or more headjobs in one circle. Pippas comes from the word pipes. A circular hand motion is used to show the effect of "Allround"
"Last nite went back to Bill's mass pippas alround"
by Davidos May 04, 2006
An abbriviaton for AS IF, used by smashed crabs and ppl who want to act like smart arse's
Nup sif think your a mass Judd
by Davidos May 04, 2006

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