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Surpassing XP, Vista will be the world's largest and most powerful computer virus. It's Codename is Longhorn, and it is manufactured by the Beast of Redmond aka Microsoft. It will try to lure people in to buying the overly priced piece of shit by stealing transparancy ideas from Mac OSX and making secure command lines similar to Linux. It will only work with certain "security enabled" monitors, so most home users will have to upgrade (again) and some notebook users will be fucked. I have a AMD 64 3200+ with 2 gigs of ram and an 80 gb HDD and I am still running Win2k, although Debian is my main weapon of choice. Vista is already undergoing numerous trademark lawsuits, and it will be replacing NTFS with WinFS, which means support for the FAT's may decline.
late 2006/ early 2007
Me: What's that cd you haave there?
noob: Windows Vista.
Me: What is your primary computer use?
noob: h4xorng!!!!!!!!!!! and web surfing. t3h 1337.
Me: *breaks CD*. You will be fine with this. *Hands him win3.11 cd.
noob: N0!!!!!!!!!!!
by DavidLeeRoth July 29, 2005
see Atlantis. I hope that it can be rebuilt.
Hurricane Katrina totally submerged a great american city (New Orleans).
by DavidLeeRoth September 07, 2005
The best vocalist EVER. He founded Queensryche with Chris Degarmo. Their best album is Operation:Mindcrime. I would kill for his voice.
Geoff Tate is an underground revolution workin' overtime.
by DavidLeeRoth June 18, 2006
The worst thing about Linux. Libraries.
Apt-get install package A.
Dependency needed: libblah
apt-get install libblah
Dependency needed: lib2.4
apt-get install lib2.4
Dependency needed: libblah
by DavidLeeRoth July 20, 2005
Unknown rash. gunch
I found the creepin crud on my leg was just chicken pox.
by DavidLeeRoth March 05, 2005
the gunch is a name for any unknown disease, usually on the skin and visible.
Creeping crud is used also.
I better go see the doctor. This gunch looks pretty bad.
by DavidLeeRoth March 05, 2005
Mother Nature's Air Freshener.
"Fart in your air conditioner and smell the results."
-Mother Nature Herself
by DavidLeeRoth June 28, 2005

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