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The penal area of a man's genitalia
Ohhh you touch my tralala, hmmm my ding ding dong....

-Gunther and The Sunshine Girls
by David Greiner May 06, 2005
A word of many possibility's. Verb, adj,noun etc. A gesture of your vocal chords that can produce a sigh of happiness, question, displeasure, or neutrality.
I'm going to the store right meah.
What are you meahing about now meah?
by David Greiner April 07, 2005
To be humored or sexually dissed on by a clitorous
Wow are you gonna take that? She totally just clitorbated you.
by David Greiner May 05, 2005
The soft, tender, skin surrounding the clitoris.
My period causes pain on my flabia
by David Greiner July 27, 2005
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