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The large mound of flesh - usually growing from the abdominal region - that causes one to believe they need to file a missing persons report on their own genitalia.
Man.. thanks to this flabia I haven't seen my own penis in three years.
by El Papa June 27, 2005
32 18
Any of four folds of tissue of the female external genitalia that are floppier, flabbier, flappier, or fatter than normal.

i.e. A floppy, flabby, flappy, or fat labia.
Alice's flabia was so long that she had to walk bow-legged when not wearing panties in order to avoid pinching them with her thighs.

I motorboated her flabia.
by AwesomedOne January 25, 2011
13 2
the inner labia that is stretched or really flappy and so long that it extends out over the outer labia. Sometimes has a scalloped or serrated looking edge to it.
Shredded Beef curtains.

"I was about to go down on my girlfriend when I noticed she had major flabia"
by reedoo August 09, 2007
19 11
Compound noun for a plump puss, derived from a "Flabby Labia". While a plump puss may be a thing of beauty a flabia tends to be less attractive, often having grey pubes, old lady smell or both.

In polite circles may be known as a fattie.
I always suspected the Farmer was a man till the Captain told me he'd seen someone eating her flabia.
by Craig McLaughlin March 16, 2007
3 8
an extraordinary coffee/tea making machine that exudes fabulous aromas and creamy toppings.
Would you like some hot coco with a creamy topping fresh from my Flabia?
by B_B December 31, 2007
2 14
The soft, tender, skin surrounding the clitoris.
My period causes pain on my flabia
by David Greiner July 27, 2005
14 32