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The clotting of anal hair due to the application of excrement.
Oooooo I don't think I wiped properly I've got gruffnuts hangin out of my posterior
by Dave T October 26, 2003
Someone who votes based on Arnold's voter guide. (Closet republican)
Vern thinks he is a Libertarian but he is really a Arnoldtarian.
by dave t November 01, 2004
A human being of the female gender who has a face that looks like it has been through at least four face fucks.
Your mother!
Your girlfriend!
Your Wife
All Quazi-Fuck Faces your sisters only a Semi-Fuck Face though!
by Dave T October 31, 2003
See Gruffnut
CHeck out the Tagnuts hanging off that cows arse that shit must have been drying there for a week!
by Dave T October 28, 2003
See Quazi-Fuck Face
by Dave T October 31, 2003
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