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Hitlers later plot to brainwash young children to take over the world with bad music and terrible fashion. Later influenced by Commies in 1988. Now ran by Osama Bin Laden.
Jim: "Hey, you watch MTV at all lately?"
Joe: "No way! It brainwashes you to do terrible things!"
Jim: "Is that why I like gay porn now?"
Joe: "Yeah, thats probably why."
by Darth_X April 16, 2008
1. When you take a jizz on someones guitar. Usually out of anger or jealously.

2. Also the act of forming your jizz onto a flat surface into the shape of a guitar.
1. Tom: "Man, that guy is a prick to me, I'm going to give him a jizztar sometime."

2. Teddy: "Hey, did you see that jizztar I made last night?"
Mary: "You're sick."
Teddy: "v_v"
by Darth_X April 17, 2008
Really tight shorts/pants worn by a male. Makes your junk unable to move. Usually spandex consistency.
Man, I don't know why he wears those junk trappers, it looks like some chaffing is going on.
by Darth_X May 11, 2008

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