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When breaking violent wind allows a chocolate mini-egg to escape.
"Fuck me mate that reeks! Did you follow through?!"
by Darren Jones June 12, 2003
A holidaymaker, or one from out of town. Particularly used in the South of England, generally as a mildly derogatory term.
I wish those grockles would all go home, 'cos I can't find anywhere to park the car.
by Darren Jones December 29, 2003
Derogatory slang for someone who is over-weight, named after the English cooking ingredient "Lard", which is made up entirely of fat.
Oi, Lard Butt, get out the way, 'cos I can't see the TV. Or the rest of the room
by Darren Jones January 05, 2004
Expression of angry suprise. User is as shocked as he would be if he found one.
"Ten quid for a pint! Twat on a fishcake!!"
by Darren Jones June 12, 2003
a. Variation on the word 'fuck', possibly derived from some sci-fi tv series(?) Used when not wishing to cause offence, this word therefore loses most of the power of the original and makes the user look a pillock.

b. slang name for the small village of Freckleton in Lancashire, England.
"Freck Off!"
by Darren Jones June 12, 2003

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