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When breaking violent wind allows a chocolate mini-egg to escape.
"Fuck me mate that reeks! Did you follow through?!"
by Darren Jones June 12, 2003
The act of squeezing too hard to get a fart out and accidentally forcing a little bit of poo out aswell. May also happend without effort when suffering from diahorrea.
Shit. I think I followed through

Dude he followed through and it fell out of his trousers!

(In an exam)
Pupil: Please sir can I go to the toilet?
Teacher: Don't be such a baby.
Pupil: But I followed through.
Teacher: ...Get out.
by shup July 07, 2004
To accidentally soil ones underpants whilst attempting to fart; create russet gusset, drop a pebble.
it felt like a normal fart...i pushed too hard and goddamn if i didnt follow through.
by Moose McEvil December 06, 2005
Someone who accidentally soils their undergarments after putting too much effort into passing wind
Someone over indulges at the curry house on sunday night, goes into work on Monday morning,fellow colleague begins to sniff loudly,"Phwoar who's followed through?someone must have,that's lingered for a good five minutes it stinks!!!"...meanwhile the main offender goes cheery red and decides not to own up and makes hasty retreat to the staff toilets.
by Jo July 25, 2004
When one attempts to trump to hard and thus inadvertantly sprays bottom chocolate all over their pants and down their legs. see soiled
"you just try and follow through" kitty said
by Yerpingley McStrumpleburtt May 29, 2006
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