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Perky, usually to describle breasts of moderately small size, but perfectly formed.
Her tits aren't that big, but pert? Oh most definately yes!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
To croak is to die. To kick the bucket, or to go tits up. Probably more descriptive of death due to natural causes.
One minute he's humpin' away, next he'd croaked! Wadda way to go!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
The best damn computer the world has ever seen! The textbook definition of superiority over its peers.
"I wanted something that bit better - I got an Amiga!"
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
What a woman is said to be doing if her nipples are excessively erect and visible under her clothing. See also wingnuts
Whoa dude! There's some major peanut smuggling going on there!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
A rectum ripping turd. Excrement that requires much effort to expell, and feels like is made of gravel and safety pins. Opposite of a slippy
Oh shit, it's a jaggy! Nnnnnnng!!!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
Erect and highly visible nipples underneath clothing. See also peanut smuggling
Jeez! She's got some wingnuts on her!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
Faeces that disappears around the u-bend without flushing, leaving no trace it had ever been there.
I know I've just had a shit, but it's a phantom turd!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004

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