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to pee aka piss in another liquid as a prank or just to be an ass.
person 1: Hey everyone outta the pool!
person 2: why??
person 1: Fuckin' Steve broth AGAIN!!!
person 2: Dammit does he need waterproof pampers?!?!
by Dar Hoss February 13, 2008
when little kids cry so hard they can't breath any more, trying to suck in air. kind of like hiccups but with alot more noise and you really want to slap the child to shut it up.
"Stop all that cry-suck you gonna die if keep it up.....thats if it gets to you before i do!"
by Dar Hoss February 13, 2008
when you let a girl sit on your lap and she rips (farts) a big one.
"I was chillin' in 4th period and maria gave me hot knee...... man it was foul!"
by Dar Hoss February 13, 2008
1. when you use the bathroom and you miss the toilet, thus stinkin' up the house.

2. fresh warm mud on the ground after a spring or summer rain.

3. uneaten old chili thats been sitting in the fidge.
1."Boy that hot mudd was eating away the porcelain off the toilet.

2."Crap! I got hot mudd on my shoe!"

3."Go throw that hot mudd out to Sparky in the back."
by Dar Hoss February 13, 2008
when you are getting head and you take it out the mouth and you ejaculate hense shooting semen onto a forgien object.
"Girl be still before i get an out fielder! And you gonna clean it up!"
by Dar Hoss February 14, 2008
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