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Refusing normal and "appropriate" social customs. excercising your right to use freedom of speech in a spunky, slang-ful way. (alot like the middle finger's expression of the prideful "fuck you" attitude it portrays.)
Haythe: Dude, fuck this school. fuck this world. i am so fucking over everybody. just fuck fuck fuck fuck who cares!!??

Layney: Hey, woah! whats with this percussin' bomb?

Haythe: Imma throw some middle.
by DaphneLikesDerby October 25, 2012
Trying to persuade, or make another person or people understand a point, but they won't listen to reason.
Kyhleigh: Hey, stop calling him a faggot. He is who is, fuck off.

Haze: haha, yeah totally...i should fuck off, well thats easy i could just shove my dick in his mouth and he'll like it

Kyhleigh: You're sick. Disgusting, and fucking pathetic. he's a human being and you're nothing but a sick, horny worthless piece of shit cast here with nothing to live for. Oh, but this is just playing music on numb ears. bottom line; people like you ruin this world. we need better people.
by DaphneLikesDerby October 25, 2012

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