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A general term for someone who carries out actions with such stupidity that they might as well wear their ass as a hat.
Pete begins looking for his sunglasses, unknowing to the fact that they are on his head. He asks Ed where his glasses are. Ed takes them off his head saying, "You are such a fucking ass-hat."
by Danyill May 13, 2007
A friend request from a person who you have already denied one or multiple friend requests from on Myspace. The rerequester can often be identified by their persistency in messaging you with the intent to ask why you denied them as a friend and always followed by another friend request.
Stephen denies Lauren's friend request because he thinks she is an annoying negative person. Lauren then rerequests Stephen. After his second denial, she quickly replies with a third request and a message saying, "Why won't you accept me as your friend?"
by Danyill May 13, 2007
Slang term used by teenagers to refer to a variety of drugs, most commonly used with marijuana.
Bob: Hey, Bob-2 you pick up the poop yet?

Bob-2: Nah, man, but I'ma go get it right now.

Bob: Aight, man, call me when you get the poop.
by Danyill July 10, 2008
A person of African-American descent who fights the white man's supremacy despite obvious social barriers.

Definition derived from the song "Jiggaboo" by Johnny Cash
"Lately them niggers been runnin' their mouths,
Talkin' 'bout takin' ova' the South,

~"Jiggaboo" by Johnny Cash
by Danyill July 10, 2008

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