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virgin wool comes from ugly sheep
That sheep so ugly, it probly never had no sex, so her wool is called Virgin Wool
by DanoC December 08, 2005
What you have when there is a tie at West Virginia beauty contest.
Them two girl in the beauty contest is ugly just alike. We gonna need to have a "Fuck Off" to see who wins this one.
by DanoC December 05, 2005
What you do when you have a "tie" at a West Virginia beauty contest.
We need to have a "Fuck Off" cause those two bitches is past ugly and they is realy uugly.
by DanoC November 17, 2005
That be the sound it make when you hit a white man on his forehead with a spoon.
Did you heard the "honky tonk" when Fred got he self hit just above his eye brow with that old tea spoon.
by DanoC November 08, 2005
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