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Another way to say stoner.
Chris: "Want some weed?"
Dan: "I didn't know you were a stoneman."
by DannyK June 02, 2005
1. n Slang for someone who rips people off, takes food without asking, asks for a ride all the time, leaves garbage around the house, etc.

2. v To muz; action of muzzing.

3. n Way of saying Muslim.
1. Dan: "Hey Keenan, you wanna hang out?"
Keenan: "Yea, but you have to gimme a ride."
Dan: "You fuckin' muz."

2. Clint: "Carter, I'm gunna grab a sandwich."
Carter: "Guy! Why are you muzzin' me?"

3. Doug: "Did you see that chick in the costume?"
Andy: "Yea dude, shes a muz."
by DannyK June 02, 2005
A hope for better times where things aren't so hard and love isn't so far away.
In another life we are together and live forever.
by dannyk June 19, 2013
Slightly racist way of imitating Native Americans' phrase "ehs, you know it". Common in the Dakotas.
Jaden: "Did you see those trashy nates?!"
Brock: "Hazelnut."
by DannyK June 01, 2005

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