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1. Often confused with a origin in Hong Kong, this is incorrect, it is actually based in Japan.
2. Most common name giving to Queens of Japanese culture and female Genies.
3. A beautiful lady know for her calm demenor and loving concern for others well being. Able to make horrible situations turn into one of those; "it's actually a funny story when you hear it" situations.
4. Legend has it, if you stare up at a full moon and say Miyoko, Miyoko, where art thou Miyoko? When you wake up the next morning, your hair will be permed.
1. Last week, my house burned down, and my car flew off of a cliff! That's when Miyoko showed up, and I knew everything would be alright.
by PlatinumK April 27, 2011
crazy asian that smells like beef.
woah you must have seen alot of miyoko's in hong kong!!
by celina lenac January 26, 2007
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