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The act of paying a midget to dress up as an Oompa Loopma. From there, you have the midget eat three and a half bowls of chili. When digested, the midget will take a dump on your chest so you can get high off the aroma.
Guy 1: Dude, I've always wanted to try a Chili Wonka, but I don't know any midgets.

Guy 2: Don't worry, man! My neighbor is a midget. I'll set you up.
#willy wonka #midget #poop #chili #chest
by Dankerman January 07, 2013
Deriving from the phrase "Proud to be a Haggerty" in the Macklemore song "Irish Celebration". An Irishman who is proud of his Irish heritage.
Guy One: Dude, you so Irish.

Guy Two: I know. I'm proud to be a Haggerty.
#haggerty #irish #slang #pride #irish pride #mackelmore
by Dankerman April 03, 2013
A sex position where you try to fit as many guys into one girl as possible. All holes are legal.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm trying to spice up my orgy.

Guy 2: Did you try a Joebin?

Guy 1: No, I didn't think of that! Thanks!
#orgy #sex #sex position #girls #holes
by Dankerman April 12, 2013
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