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262 definitions by Daniel

Swahili for 'Nurse'
Melizi, help me please!
by daniel August 19, 2003
When a girl masturbates you with her toes and you ejaculate in between them resulting in creamy toes
She had some creamy toes when i got done
by daniel February 08, 2005
An illogical method of teaching math in which word problems and graphs somehow manage to drain previous math ability out of the students. Best part? Oh, about half the colleges around wisconsin don't accept coreplus credits. So much for all that crap you had to do in high school.

There are many theories as to why local schools picked up this program. The most prominent one being that they couldn't afford real math supplies.
It sucks. Don't argue with me untill you've suffered through it.
by Daniel July 28, 2004
A gay man who is also a whore. Mainly used to insult another male who is not acting "manly". This can be insulting to either gay or straight men, or both.
Shut the fuck up, fagwhore!
You're such a fagwhore.
by Daniel September 18, 2003
A collection of toilet paper, lint, and shit located in the asshole and chode region.
TOmmy has a giant dingle berry located in the vacinity of his cornhole
by Daniel September 02, 2003
person who takes a passed out person's hand and uses it to masturbate with.
Did you hear what Brad did last weekend? He handraped Irene when she was passed out on the couch
by Daniel April 21, 2005
based from the root eccentric. eccentric qualities.
"This guy has very far reaching eccentricities."
by Daniel February 06, 2005