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4 definitions by Dang Lin Wang LXIX

A phrase used by many people as means of justification for an older person doing or saying something typically racist, sexist, or simply insensitive. This is said because these senile people come from a time when Jews were thought of as lesser, being gay was automatic hell in your life, and don't even get me started on being black.
Gramps: Those damn Jews and their smartass Asians are stealing all of America's money! I bet they're gay too!
Donny: Sir, I find that highly offensive and racist. Bro, can you please control your blatantly racist father?
Butch: I'm very sorry bro. But you know, he comes from a different time.
Donny: I guess it's ok then...
by Dang Lin Wang LXIX March 02, 2013
A word that you will in one of your essays with the intention of making your paper seem better than it actually. These word are either thought of as a good thing by your teacher as having the paper flow better or deemed as a feeble attempt at quasi-intellectualism. Such words include immense, mere, facetious, or fastidious.
An excerpt from the following English essay contains two booster words in it:
Holden was in an immense depression except for when the mere thought of his brother cheered him.
by Dang Lin Wang LXIX February 07, 2013
Female equivalent of the ever popular "she wants the D" used to indicate recognition by a dude that a girl wants some dick. However in this case, the P is for pussy and said by chicks.
Marsha: I just caught that guy checking me out girl.
Wendy: I saw that too. Surely he wants the p.
by Dang Lin Wang LXIX July 16, 2013
A boner that arises at the moment when you are close to falling asleep, but becomes so uncomfortable that you must push back your sleep and instead focus on getting the boner flaccid. Typically one rids themselves of this type of erection by removing underwear or whatever they were sleeping in, and then not letting the peeper touch anywhere else, as that may keep the boner going. It may take awhile.
Dude 1: Yo man I got no sleep last night.
Dude 2: Damn that sucks. What happened?
Dude 1: Sleeper peeper bro. Shit didn't go away for hours.
Dude 2: I feel you dude.
by Dang Lin Wang LXIX July 11, 2013