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A man who you think highly of, even when you know all his faults. He is charming, and seductive, and handsome in his own way. He can make you smile, cry, laugh, and want to punch the wall all with a txt.
Very strong, very masculine, tall, and he has the cutest smile. He smells wonderful. Though his hands look rough, they are smooth and can be gentle when he wants them to be. He can sing, rope, weld, and fight. He can calm a person down, as well as wind a person up. He tends to have a brick wall around him, but he knows there are holes in it. A few missing bricks. He loves his family and they come first. A lot of the time he puts himself last, too.
He's always there for his friends, so he says. Really he's always there for the friends he chooses, not all of them.
"You know you love me."

"You're such a Francisco."
by DanceCrier September 06, 2008
reminiscing about something you feel regret over.
"What's the matter?"
"I'm just remorsing over what I did last weekend...I never should have drank that vodka.."
by DanceCrier April 16, 2008
(pronounced: shy zr) Slang for pretense, lies, exaggeration, or nonsense; something inferior or worthless; an exclamation word
"Shyzzer!! Did you see that old woman run over that poor mail man??"

"Shyzzer, I forgot to call my parentals."
by DanceCrier April 16, 2008
Encouragement given with reassurance
"All you need is some encourance and you'll have more confidence!"
by DanceCrier April 16, 2008
the support, or encouragement, given towards a thing
"You have my full supportion in this campaign!"
by DanceCrier April 16, 2008

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