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Fast facts on Australia:
-- Our population is 20,595,860 appox; and increases by one person every 2 minutes and 12 seconds. (Unlike the US which breeds like rabbits: one person every 10 seconds...)
-- 95% of those people live in cities similar to those in the US and UK, albeit a little smaller. But our infrastructure is comparable.
-- Over 75% of our adult population disagree with the Government's Foreign Policies (well... actually, almost all of its policies, but we can't be stuffed starting a civil war to make things change...).
-- Our military IS the most highly trained combat force in the world.
-- Our medical research is the best in the world. Most of the major breakthroughs in the last few years came from Australia. Especially cancer research. Other nations ask our scientists for help...
-- Our public healthcare system doesn't just rival that of the US, it KICKS ITS ARSE! Every citizen of Australia is entitled to FREE basic public healthcare and emergency hospital treatment (if necessary).
-- Our education system also rivals those of other 1st world nations.
-- Steve Irwin is a rare specimen of low-brow individuals without formal education and does not represent the vast majority of us. (In simpler terms for Americans and Kiwis: Irwin is an idiot that most of us want to beat to death).
-- Koalas are not BEARS!!
-- Humvees are sold in Australia.
-- In country towns, kangaroos RARELY hop down main streets.
-- Gun related deaths in the US each year: over 10,000. Gun related deaths in Australia each year: less than 70. (33 deaths per 1 million people in the US; 3.5 deaths per 1 million people in Australia. Why? In Australia we have car and motorcycle enthusiasts, in the US they have firearm enthusiasts and no gun control... go figure...).
Australia is the best country in the world. Period. We drink a lot of beer. We play a lot of sports (and usually win). We are world leaders in cancer research (so if one day you get cancer and are given a cure, it came from here). We are patriotic. We all hate our Prime Minister.
by DanManOZ August 07, 2006

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