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3 definitions by DanLikesLaura

A macintosh computer that will cook itself after realising it's not running windows OS.
Guy 1: hey isn't that your computer steaming?

Guy 2: nah, it's a macrowave.
by DanlikesLaura June 18, 2009
Staring into blank space with no apparent thought at all.
Often will be done by mentally challenged people, yet affects the wittiest of minds too.
Most commonly done by australians.
Joe: look at that guys is he dead or retarded?

Chris: nah, he's just cabbing, he'll be good in about 5 minutes.
by DanLikesLaura June 17, 2009
The act of smacking a mac with a common hitting object such as a baseball bat, sledgehammer ect.

This is usually due to the e-mac's
-Freezing spazm's
-Turning off randomly
-Deleting files as soon as you save them
Mactacker: "My computer froze when I tried to save a word document, after waiting 10 minutes for it to unfreeze, it deleted what i had just saved and turned itself off."

Troubleshooter: It must of been a mac. Did you try turn it back on?

Mactacker: Hell no, I Mactacked that piece'a'shit.
by DanLikesLaura April 01, 2009