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Phrase. Definition dependent on context.
Typically means,
"You're paying for the telephone call, so":

1. "I'll listen to what you say,"
2. "say what you want," or
3. "place the call if you think it's necessary."

The phrase is a relic from a period when telephone calls placed from a coin-operated pay phone cost $.10 (a US dime).
1. "You're calling me on my home phone at night, but, hey, it's your dime, so speak."
2. "Dude -- you should call the radio station and tell the DJ about your spring break story. They won't cut you off -- it's your dime."
3. "If you need to tell your folks about the accident...Well, it's your dime."
by Dan the Man March 31, 2005
Another word for women's breasts
She's got the biggest hooba-joobas i've ever seen!
by Dan the man December 13, 2003
A group of four people, Dan, Bob, Pawel, and Mike who are wicked smart. Actually, Bob, Pawel, and Mike aren't that smart but Dan is. The rest are just nerds. Ya, GIVE DAN MONEY!
Person 1: Hey, look, its the ultranerd4!
Person 2: Ya, Bob, Pawel, and Mike are big nerds, so lets eat them alive!
Person 3: Ya, but lets Give Dan Money!
by Dan the Man December 11, 2004
Not good enough. Ever. So just stop trying.
You'll never be good enough.
by Dan the Man June 09, 2004
Someone who wants to be a serial killer, yet attacks people with plastic knives, this failing
Person 1: Wouldn't a serial killer still be a serial killer if he attacked people with plastic knives?
Person 2: No, he'd be a comedian!
by Dan the Man December 12, 2004
Beast and schlitz are the two greatest beers in the world. Hell YES! I put all that shit in my cereal and eat it. WOOOO!
Milwaukee's Best Bitch! MMMM MMMM BITCH!
by Dan the man May 07, 2004
1.) A nickname for someone whose name begins with the letter "M".
2.) A nickname for someone whose name begins with the letter "M" and who abuses drugs (see smack, coke)
Yo man, Mike was all messed up on coke, so we called him M-Smack. Hehehe!
by Dan The Man April 09, 2004

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