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When no other word comes to mind, or if u just need somthing to say. Birr is used whereever and whenever you want it to be used!!!

Invented by Sean Friel
Person1: I like cheese

Person2: (cant think of a response) Birr
by Dan Rodgers March 15, 2004
Means that something is crap, its not even worth looking at!

Is the Opposite to MintyAce

See MintyAce for more information
**Someone tells the worst joke you hav ever heard**

Some guy: "Well, that joke was AceyMint"
by Dan Rodgers March 16, 2004
Means totally awsome.
The idea of MintyAce came around when a friend and I were ripping the piss outa some guy at school.

Opposite to AcyMint
**Something cool happens**

Sum guy: "Woah that was MintyAce...Woah!!"
by Dan Rodgers March 16, 2004
Slang term for homosexual males.

Limp wrist implise the campness and female like act of the stereotypical gay man.


Dirty dicks is becuase of the anal sex that gays have.
"If that limp wrist dirty dick touches me i am gonna fucking drop the cunt"
by Dan Rodgers November 20, 2004
When someone thinks they are special they call themselves a mobster, they are more than likely a little p00f, its not the 1950's any fucking more
'ooo im a mobster i am mega hard and coooooo-el' <--- sarcasm there
by Dan Rodgers November 20, 2004
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