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701 definitions by Dan

1. More than a few.
2. A quantity in excess of what is actually practical; an exorbitant amount.
3. Lots.
4. Tons.
Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?
by Dan February 23, 2004
A character from the BBC show 'Monkey Dust' representative of the burgeoning witch-hunt mentality against alleged paedophiles in the UK.
"By the power vested in my by that bloke I met in the pub - who is *sure* - I now pronounce you...a paedophile
by Dan February 01, 2005
The act of inserting ones penis into someone's ear. ie. an ear fuck.
Fred: Did you see how that guy died? Word is someone gave him a walshy and it went straight through.

George: Sounds painful.
by Dan February 27, 2004
The Canadian equivalent of Joe Don Baker.
Rowsdower and Joe Don Baker were seperated at birth and sent to neighboring countries.
by Dan February 07, 2004
When you stick your erect penis between another being's armpits (perferably sweaty) and hump them from the back. It is very arrousing, and very rare.
I was the first person to invent armpit fucking.
by Dan November 02, 2003
I am Snacks, there is no other. Feel my might.
Once you go Snacks, you never go back
by Dan December 23, 2003
A website founded on a great idea but saturated by people trying to make personal insults (to millions of people who don't give a flying fuck about your vendetta with someone we've never met), and to make sexual connotations like alaskan pipeline or pipe line
Urban Dictionary is a place where you can be as stupid or vulgar as you want.
by Dan December 08, 2004