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702 definitions by Dan

One of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, semiconductors, and other electronic equipment.

Motorola is often known for making cellular phones, such as the RAZR or StarTAC. They produced the first cell phone, sometimes called the "brick" for it's brick-like shape and weight.

Other products include radios, PowerPC computer processors, and semiconductors.
"Hello Moto!" is the company's motto.
by Dan June 02, 2005
238 82
A place in Wales where the locals enjoy such diverse passtimes as drinking, abusing drugs, and fighting.
Man#1: I know! Let's go to cardiff for the evening, abuse some substances, than beat the crap out of each other.
Man#2: I'll have some of that!
by Dan February 04, 2004
329 179
Basically a scary looking gun that gun grabbers think is too scary for normal people to have.
Wimpy gun grabber: We're not familiar with guns, but these ones LOOK ominous
by Dan March 01, 2004
176 28
1. Son of Hall of Fame tight end Kellen Winslow Sr.

2. Claims to be a soldier.
It's war, they're out there to kill you, so I'm out there to kill them. We don't care about anybody but this U. They're going after my legs. I'm going to come right back at them. I'm a fucking soldier
by Dan March 02, 2004
175 38
1) preparing a salad. mixing greens.

2) slang. To humiliate someone by ordering them to commit the act of smearing jelly, or another desirable substance in your anus in order to lick it clean while you masturbate or they give you the reach-around.

Toss my salad came from an HBO speacial on prison. The seasoned convict was explaining what he would do to a new inmate in prison as sort of an initiation. He would get a packet of grape jelly and make the new inmate or "fish" smear the jelly in his asswhole and lick it out while he masturbated.
That guy roberto is such an ass-munching fag he probably wants to toss my salad while giving me a reach-around.
by dan June 25, 2004
750 614
A term traditionally used by hicks to encourage others to finish a chore or task, or some other thing. Larry the Cable Guy puts it into other light; the term "gidderdun" in the new day and age means "ALRIGHTTTT!"
1) "didja finish your cornmeal? well, gidderdun!"

2) "Ya, so I told the police chief to shut the fuck up! hahaha, ahh... GIDDERDUN!"
by dan March 04, 2005
229 98
one of the most peculiar and extravagant city of italy. it is particularly known for high tide, merchants and prostitution.
"Can I park in S. Marco Square?"
"No, You can't! Only sodding Americans think so"
by dan December 11, 2003
163 42