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a rastafarian term meaning to cleanse
when you rinse out a gun..you are cleaing the barrell by letting the bullets fly
im going to rinse out the skeletons in my closet by blowing this posicle stand...and starting anew
by damsel November 17, 2003
a *calo* term meaning to give it up..often a slur screamed at attractive women by cholos with a hand gesture!
hey lovely lady... MOCHATE!!!
by damsel November 17, 2003
similar to for sure, for real and definately
do you think this gucci bag is tight?
fo sugadat!
by damsel November 17, 2003
a british term litterally meaning to be fucked *proper*. to fuck someone proper is to fuck them correctly.
getting the job done doing it right!
he emceed that set right proper!
by damsel November 17, 2003
In the game Counter Strike, giving a boost on top of the boxes.
Hey Beer, can you give me an alleyoop up to this spot??
by Damsel March 29, 2005
the act of insulting a woman by calling her a slut
"When pigman brought his new boyfriend over to meet us....

.. it was all i could do not to hurl a carefully crafted inslut at him"
by damsel July 21, 2004

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