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when you want to do something but can't
I'm joonking to go to the toilet, but we're in the middle of a desert.
by Damasher October 22, 2006
stake you, used for insulting people when somebody annoys you in any way.
staque, you don't even know what i'm talking about
staque, I will completely pk you
by Damasher October 20, 2006
when you don't want to do something but someone forces you to.
Teacher: Go and print me these papers
Student: Please don't make me
Teacher: Go now!!!
Student: This is pure joonky

He joonky'd me into going there
by Damasher October 22, 2006
nothing can compare to the thing you are looking at
This gadget is nonta, it has solar power, has a light, and has a mind reading system to it.It rules
by Damasher November 17, 2006
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