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An evil race of aliens from the popular British television show Doctor Who. Despite appearances, they are not giant dildos and they can go up stairs.
Jimmy: Is that a giant dildo?
Ian: No...It's a Dalek.
Jimmy: Are you sure?
Ian: Yes...
Jimmy: Looks like a giant dildo to me...
by Dalek Sec November 01, 2007
An item or tool that leads to your totally pwning those around you.
My controller with the turbo button is my compwnent for utter pwning!
by Dalek Sec November 25, 2007
An Oreo that has made contact with the floor and exceeded the "five-second rule."
Guy1: Hey, I just dropped a bunch of Oreo's on the floor-
Guy2: -And you assume I will simply eat these flooreo's, is that it?
Guy1: ...Well...will you?
Guy2: ...Hell yeah.
by Dalek Sec November 27, 2007
A grandmother who, in her many years, has began to look like an old man.
Whoa...I didn't think your grandma was that old, she's, like, a grandman now.
by Dalek Sec October 31, 2007
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