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They believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart
by Dazza January 24, 2004
Slang term for cock, penis, fleshy ram rod, meaty mass, schlong
"Take your spam javelin and pound my juicy cunt"
"Don't point your spam javelin at me unless you intend to use it"
by Dazza July 07, 2004
To place the penis into the mouth of a loved one, and to cover their eyes with your testicles whilst doing so.
The only thing she disliked about me giving her a dutch blindfold was that my (pubic) hair got caught in her left eye and it went blood-shot.
by Dazza May 19, 2003
To masturbate at work, during work time, usually in the works toilets.
Answer my phone for the next five minutes John, I'm going for a monkey's fag break
by Dazza May 28, 2003
Pathetic, overgrown, monkey-brained wanabees. Tend to hang around Mcdonalds or such-like where they smoke dope (or such like). Only dope they'll come close to is each other.
Went into Mcdonalds last week...

Townie: Oi, they don't allow dogs in there.

Me: Yeah, that's why your out here!

I walked away before they realised what I had said and unleashed their fag-breath.
by Dazza February 13, 2005
This guy loves the cawk like Dazza does.
Cawk is like Cock but more worse
by DaZzA August 29, 2003
Master of all.
niceness will a deadly calm.
adaptable and unpredictable.
Death on the scope.
Is there anything Kamak cant kill with.
by Dazza March 12, 2005
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