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It is true that Lexington is a town with many spoiled, drug and alcohol ingesting, idle teenagers, but it is also a breeding ground for creativity, dissent, and intellectual development. In the classroom, achievement-based curriculums leave students with skills to work hard, but with very little substantial knowledge. Thus, a significant (but still unfortunately small) group of students choose to be productive outside the classroom, pursuing musical, artistic, literary, and scientific endeavors independantly.

It is in the opinion of this contributor that the other entries on this page are biased. Although many lexington students are Abercrombie-wearing, Bud Light-ingesting, marijuana-smoking losers with rich parents, there are many types of youth in Lexington. There are the ones described above, there are over-achievers, there are heroin addicts, there are trippers who think they can buy peace, love, understanding, and the secrets of the universe for 3 bucks a hit, there are speed addicts trying to save their academic careers by shoving powder up their noses, and there are regular people who just want to get out of suburbia and go to college to make a life for themselves.

Just like anywhere else, Lexington is an incredibly diverse town that DOES have a great school system and unfortunately has a SMALL number of dissilussioned or naive, immature youth who think that they have to drink and party and fuck to have a good time. Most of us want to be cool and get out.
Lexington, MA is filled with a variety of youth. See above for examples.
by DaRuma January 04, 2007

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