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That washed-up wannabe diva from New York whose meteoric success is surpassed by the speed at which her career is flushing down the toilet; also known as Jennifer Lopez.
J Ho was engaged to that no-talent hack Ben Affleck.
by Da Nastee One May 14, 2004
a manly agressive lesbian
dont mess with a bull dyke or she will open a can of whup ass on ya
by Da Nastee One May 11, 2004
RAVEN HAIR: /noun/ pitch black hair, like the feathers of a raven

RAVEN HAIRED: /adverb/ having pitch black hair
Actress Kelly Hu is one raven haired hotty!
by Da Nastee One June 12, 2003
fucking your girl so that your entire dick is engulfed in her cooch
I played hide the salami with Jane last night! She's a freak!
by Da Nastee One June 10, 2003
a fat, ugly, foul-smelling wench who makes it a point to mooch of her hot chick friends
I wouldn't fuck that she-beast with a stolen dick!
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004
a rural white woman who:
1) lives in a trailer with her juvenile delinquent brats and lazy-ass, drunken, won't-get-a-job boyfriend;
2) works in a "happy ending" style massage parlor or strip club;
3) puts up with her drunk-ass, racist bastard redneck of a boyfriend physical abuse because he "loves" her "so much;"
4) uses language that would make a trucker blush; and
5) her brats all have different fathers!
Trailer parks may also have one or all of the following physical difficiencies:
1) less than 5 teeth;
2) 290 to 350 pound weight range;
3) a lazy eye; or
4) facial hair.
by Da Nastee One January 30, 2004
when someone gives you oral sex, you return the favor; see 69
She sucked my cock and I ate her pussy.
by Da Nastee One May 28, 2004
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