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The chipotle challenge is one of the toughest and most grueling tasks ever to face man kind. It is also very difficult yet highly enertaining to watch. To complete the chipotle challenge sucessfully you must eat 3 full burritos or fajita burritos in one sitting (maximum time limit of 45 minutes). No burrito bowls or any of that pansy crap is allowed either. When attempting this challenge the competitor may choose what sides he wants on his burritos and the burritos may be all the same, or different if he prefers. The competitor should not have to purchase the burritos himself but the price should be split up among friends (unless of course the competitor eats less than 1 and a half burritos at which point he will refund all money and acknowledge he is a huge failure). The competitor may drink whatever fountain drinks are availble at the chipotle and there is no restriction on how much you may drink/not drink. This challenge takes months and sometimes years in preparation before it should even be attempted due to the amount of mental strain the competitor must go thru to complete it. If a challenge is completed successfully he/she shall be known as a chipotle master and should be given great respect not only in chipotles but around the world.
I have not yet completed the chipotle challenge, but i am currently training with a chipotle master from my city...he is like a god to me
by DWD June 28, 2006
dick hours is equilivent to 4 hours. I dont know why anyone would use this...but i also don't know why guys wear tight pants and say that they bleed black. It is 4 hours cause thats how long an erection can last before you're suppose to notify a doctor. weeeeee
-Dude i'll pick you up in dick hours and we can hit up chipotle.
-Sweet man i love chipotle..see ya then
by DWD May 08, 2006
Fuck Berkeley. B-town actually refers to Bloomington, MINNESOTA. No it is not a hick town. Actually we have a pretty big drug problem, and are damn gangsta (If you don't believe me let me drive you a couple miles up to Lake Street, Minneapolis and we'll see how many holes you come back with...) No, we do not pronounce our a's and o's differently, thats only farther up north. Bloomington is just south of Minneapolis, like i said before, and is the REAL owner of the Mall of America. Not Minneapolis. It's located in Northeast Bloomington and is the largest mall in the country and the 2nd largest in the world. Yeah.. also when we refer to coke or pepsi products we dont say soda we say pop. Not soda-pop. Just pop. I don't know why...that's just how we do.
Deonte: You hear what's poppin' round B-Town tonight?
Shawn: Man i was just finna hit up MOA and holla at some biddys.
Deonte: Aight that sounds hot
by DWD June 04, 2006

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