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Stands for Beached Albino Rhino Whale.
Daaaamn, Rosie O'Donnel is the biggest B.A.RW I've ever seen!!
by dP April 15, 2004
people gathering for an event or activity - origin Nigella Lawson, British chef
Before I knew it, 15 friends came pitching up for dinner.
by dp June 24, 2003
Australian phrase used to describe the person who is the bullly
I remember more times in my early school years when I was the bullier and not the victim. But, hey, I was just helping my buddies get tougher.
by dp March 17, 2004
the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly
one of the winners in the Washington Post's Style Invitational - words altered by adding, subtracting, or changing only one letter and supplying a new definition
by dp March 17, 2004
tabloid combination of celeb names - Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Several grocery store rags just reported the Benifer wedding planned for last weekend in Santa Barbara has been permanently delayed because JLo requested a prenuptual agreement.
by dp September 14, 2003
perhaps the sexiest man alive, but also the fourth largest queer. once seen eating his own detachable penis, the jaceman! is never a bore. pros: sexy bod, lady skills, herpes. cons: bad breath, fblp, herpes.
one time the jaceman! and myself were shooting craps. i says to the jaceman!, "hey, the jaceman!, wtf?" the jaceman! replies, "huh?" and i shot him
by dp April 05, 2005
word used instead of an answer in a class
teacher: james what is 7x8
me: shlime!
by DP March 30, 2005

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