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Coo is another shortened way of saying killer cool. Cartman of south park also uses it.
This site is coo, real coo
by don February 11, 2004
Keystroke pictogram for giving someone the middle finger. Also acceptable is the nlm mln (two hander), as well as the added thumb version ( \nlm mln/ ).
Hey Jeremy, nlm ya lick knob!
by Don December 03, 2003
1. Slang, N; Mentally retarted person.
2. Slang, N; Stupid Person
3. Verb; Resistant to outside influences or substances.
1. "Look at all the retards'
"My brother is a retard"

2. "Bobby is such a retard"
"Only retards each boogers"

3. "Retard the flames with your urine, Retard"
by Don August 05, 2004
The act of permanently destroying someone’s kneecaps. Often done with a firearm (as popularised in film and television), a baseball bat or lead pipe or other blunt instrument, or a power drill (often used in conjunction with a countersunk drill bit and popular with the IRA).
When the police heard the screaming, they knew that Shamus had been on the wrong end of an IRA kneecapping.
by Don January 07, 2004
When you need to take a crap and you let out a fart that smells exactly like crap.
ooh. That one smells, it's a turd honking for the right of way.
by Don December 01, 2003
the university of san francisco is the best high school on the west coast. you know you go to usf when: you pay as much for a degree at stanford, but no one has ever heard of your school; people constantly ask if you're a med student; you've fallen down stairs on your way to class; you can price coc, weed, shrooms, and e by asking your r.a; you've had sex in one of the following places: the lounge of any dorm, the butt hut, the library, the gym--koret or memorial, roof of any building on campus, the guardshack, or your dorm room while your roommate was still there; you've frequented all the geary bars before the age of 21; you've been to castro on halloween once, and never went back; you don't even have a college football team, and all the other teams suck.
see also: rich kids who have nothing to do but spend their parents money
usf student: i go to usf
random person: oh so you're a med student?

i have a liberal arts education from usf.
by don March 26, 2005
Fry Sauce: A mixture of ketchup and mayonaise for dipping french fries (Freedom Fries at U.S. Congress Commisary). Created by a regional burger joint, Artic Circle in the 1960 with most locations in Utah and Idaho.

Became a regional mainstay of almost all fast food resturants and home in Utah and Idaho.
Utahn: "I want fry sauce, not ketchup, with my order"

Zitfaced Order Taker in Utah : "Do you want fry sauce with that?"
Out of State Customer: "What? What the hell is fry sauce?"
by Don August 06, 2004

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